Teaching Biography 

From the pandemic, a little blessing in disguise has been Jeffrey’s newly discovered love of teaching. It was after completing a year of pedagogy courses of Graham Technique that he was given the opportunity to teach a virtual class at the Graham school. After only a few classes, he quickly saw how inspiring and fulfilling the new role was, which was only solidified after substituting a class in person. After counting-in the musician, Jeffrey knew he was meant to be a teacher! 

Jeffrey thrives in the classroom and is passionately invested in dancers' learning and he understands that no two dancers are alike; everyone has a different way of processing and understanding information, as well as possessing different anatomies, abilities and levels.

Jeffrey believes dance should be exciting and fun, while at the same time, challenging and pushing the limits. He strives for a more positive teaching method, moving away from older schools of thought and styles, while still holding students accountable to their corrections and development. He has taught a wide range of ages and abilities, and believes anyone can learn to dance. 

Jeffrey teaches, Graham, Ballet, Taylor, Modern, Contemporary, Improvisation, Composition,  and private classes. He has also helped dancers create modern and contemporary solos for audition videos.

Jeffrey is excited to take on new endeavors and be part of your future dance journey.



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